Radon Testing

We are quickly becoming Portland Metro Area’s most active Radon Testing and Mitigation Company.  Why?  Because we offer quality Radon systems at economical prices and preform services not normally provided by other installers including but not limited to:

  • Discounted testing that can apply to mitigation system

  • Free quotes and consultations - Low Price Guarantee

  • State of the Art Equipment

  • Full Diagnostics

  • Color Matching to your house on external systems

  • Free Continuous Radon Monitor post-mitigation test

  • Guaranteed results 30% below EPA Levels!!

Need testing?

Call us for a free consultation or quote.  We are available all waking hours, and can usually give an approximate price immediately!

Phone: 503-492-2885
Fax: 503-549-8743
Email: info@abestenvironmental.com


Post-mitigation testing demonstrates that our results are second to none. The majority of our installs lower radon levels to below 1.0 pCi/l.